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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shiva Pratah Smarana Stotram / श्री शिव प्रातः स्मरण स्तोत्र

This is a stotra on Lord Shiva. It is recited in the early morning to invoke God's blessings. It is composed by Sri Shankaracharya.

I have posted the stotra in both Hindi and English. Click on the image below to enlarge it.

1.Audio by Ashit Desai

2.Audio by Shashi Jha

3.Audio by Ravindra Sathe

4.Audio by O.S.Arun[does not work]

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Savita said...

Hi Shree

I am so pleased to see this I want to be part of this blog.
thank u

Shree said...

Thanks for your compliments.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to read the stotram but it seems the picture is not showing up ... some problem in the link. When I click to enlarge, it says, "page cannot be displayed..."

Shree said...

I am able to open the picture without any issues. however I have made a small change to the link, hope you are able to view the picture now.

Anonymous said...

Still not able to view the stotram. I am able to view all the other stotras on other links of this website. When i click I am still getting, "Page cannot be displayed"

I am providing the link that is shown when i click to enlarge the picture. Hope this helps !!

Shree said...

I used the same link you have given and I am able to view the image perfectly well. may be try using another browser.

Ajay Chowdhary said...

I appreciate your efforts for bringing all the prayers at one place. Very well done. Excellently done.

May God shine down His Grace on you

Keep it up