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Introduction : Hi Everyone. My name is Shree.I come from a Hindu family following Smartha Sampradaya. We celebrate our festivals with lot of bhakthi, dedication, joy and happiness. I take immense pride in our culture and traditions. I am following the traditions handed down to me from my parents and grandparents.

My blog is an attempt to share the details of the common festivals and vrathas performed at my home. I am originally from Bangalore. I am currently living in the USA. My mother tongue is Kannada. So I started my blog Poojavidhana in Kannada. Later on due to many requests from people who don't know Kannada, I have started Stotramaala blog to provide the stotras in English and Hindi. I am always open to suggestions, ideas, requests. Please share your thoughts with me. Thanks :)

If you can read kannada, check out my Pooja Vidhana blog here.