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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rama ashtakam /Ramachandra ashtakam/ राम अष्टक/ रामचंद्र अष्टकम/ रामाष्टक

Rama Navami is coming up soon. So here is a stotra on Lord Rama, Ramashtaka or Ramachandra Ashtaka. As the name suggests, it has 8 verses. I have posted the stotra in both Hindi and English. Click on the image below to enlarge it.


1. Audio Link by N.S.Prakash Rao

2. Audio link by Bombay Sisters below


P.R. Ramachander said...

I am P.R.Ramachander living in Bangalore better known as Raja Thatha on line.I am from Kerala and have settled down in Bangalore ,My blessings to you as I am 76 year old. I would if you can contact me by e-mail ramya475 at hotmail dot com .I do translations of Stotras and Krithis from five different languages to english Ramachander

Shree said...

Dear Mr.Ramchander, Thank you so much for your comments and blessings. I see you have so many active blogs and are doing a wonderful job. I am trying to keep up my blog amidst my busy schedule. Thank you for your contact info. Will contact you if I need it.

samir pattnaik said...

Pranam Sir,

I Samir Pattnaik from Odisha, a servant of lord Hanumanji. i want ramstakm in hindi script sir.

this is my id sir

Thanbking you

Mahesh said...

nice post, can you please provide mahalakshmi stotram which will be chanted during the festival of Diwali...